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Ford GT40 Bell Housing

Ford GT40 Bell Housings

Due to tough race track environments and even on the road, bell housing failures are not uncommon for GT40s and buying an authentic original is simply not feasible these days.

To keep our customers on the road (or track) we decided to make a pattern part so that we can supply newly manufactured units close to the original design. These bell housings are not an overweight CNC part made from solid but are based upon light-weight elegant aluminium castings.

They look similar to the original but have a little more strength and stiffness, adding to the structural integrity making them more durable & robust. We offer both 4 and 6 (as shown) bolt bell housings.

Bell housings further sold as a package with matched starter motor, flywheel and Tilton racing 7.25″ inch 2 plate cermetallic clutch assembly.

For further information or to place an order, please contact us on or +44 (0)1252 703191.

Product Information

Other components in this area also suffer under hard racing conditions so it is quite common to experience failures of starter motors and wear of flywheels and clutches, so we offer all these matched components either individually or as a complete package.