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Mathwall are a team of professional engineers and technicians who pride themselves in being able to solve engineering challenges with a pragmatic and cost effective approach.

Design & Analysis

Mathwall offers techno-commercial expertise across the product design process from concept layouts to prototypes to industrialised production.  

An independent failure analysis service is available.

Test & Development

Mathwall supports research and development activities with it’s suite of test facilities including test rigs for component and sub-system development.

Procurement & Assembly

A fully equipped build shop delivers hand assembled prototypes using a robust supplier base.  A supply chain management service is provided. 

Mathwall has hand built successful historic Appendix K racing engines for over 50 years.

Historic Racing

Mathwall has supplied historic racing engines that meet FIA Appendix K specifications for over 50 years

Specialist Parts & Servicing

A range of aftermarket, high quality components and assemblies have been designed and developed.