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Chevrolet 302 FIA

Chevrolet 302 and 350 FIA

Outline Specification –

  • Re-conditioned period cylinder block, renovated and race prepared to Mathwall specifications and fitted with Mathwall high strength, billet steel mains caps and fasteners.
  • Mathwall specified steel billet crankshaft, low friction, low inertia design with tuned fluid damper.
  • Bespoke Mathwall specified piston and connecting rod assembly.
  • High performance aluminium cylinder heads, CNC ported.
  • Mathwall designed camshaft for strong mid-range torque and peak power.
  • Mathwall specified lightweight valvegear to operate with Mathwall cam profile.
  • New mechanical fuel injection system, including intake and ignition systems, or carburettor system.
  • Wet or dry sump lubrication system with optimised oil pump, as required.
  • Full dyno run-in, fuelling optimisation and power testing, plus detailed final inspection.
  • Note that a lightweight flywheel, clutch and starter system can be supplied at additional cost.

For further information or to place an order, please contact us on or +44 (0)1252 703191.